Transfer pumps and compressors

System One Centrifugal Pumps Blackmer

Backmer centrifugal pumps are designed for high volume transfer and difficult applications (chemicals and petroleum). These pumps offer the widest operating range of BEP (Best Efficiency Point) compared to any conventional centrifugal pump. They are available in 3 constructive variants Frame S, Frame A and Fame M.

The pumps are equipped with oversized bearings to provide greater loading capacity and extended uptime. Pumps increase productivity while providing maximum reliability in the toughest applications.

Blackmer sliding vane pumps are used in the LPG industry. They have the great advantage that they can go empty without being damaged. Blackmer pumps can be used in cylinder filling stations, in warehouses, in loading and unloading LPG from and in tanks.(

Eccentric Disc Pumps  Mouvex

Mouvex® eccentric disc pumps are specially designed for oil and gas applications. They can transfer these sensitive products and are ATEX certified for use in potentially hazardous environments, thanks to a robust and versatile design that optimizes production, increases performance and improves the recovery rate. In addition, Mouvex pumps maintain their initial performance over time. Several variants are available: A, C, G-FLO, SLC, Micro C.


 Centrifugal Pumps Griswold

The 811 ANSI Series is available in a wide range of sizes, capacities and materials to suit virtually any application / fluid / process. With over 30 design options / options, Griswold covers your requirements even for abrasive or corrosive substances; are built for long debit range.


Electric Drive Motor

Electric motors for driving transfer pumps, used in fuel depots, are generally three-phase asynchronous electric motors, with short-circuited rotor, explosion-proof and flame-proof protection type ASA (Ex II 2G and / or II 2D Exd IIC T5 for gauge motors 63-71 )


The couplings have an important role in the smooth operation of the pump-motor assembly. If the elastic part of the coupling is damaged or the material is aged, losing its elasticity, frequent starts and stops produce shocks both in the pump and in the motor, damaging them over time.

Compressors Blackmer

One- or two-stage reciprocating (reciprocating) gas compressors create a depression in the pumping chamber as the piston moves from the highest point of the stroke to the lowest. The gas (at high pressure in the tank) moves in the pump chamber of the compressor. This volume of gas is then displaced as the piston moves to the top of the stroke. Equipped with high-efficiency ductile steel piston valves and self-adjusting piston rod gaskets, piston gas compressors are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability in the harshest operating conditions. They are also critical components in the design of vapor recovery units in gas stations and depots. (

Blackmer gas compressors are available in three series of models – LB, HD and NG. The LB series is ideal for gas transfer and recovery including propane, butane and LPG. The HD series is suitable for the movement, transfer and recovery of liquefied gases such as carbon dioxide and refrigerant gases, nitrogen, air and other industrial, petrochemical and hazardous gases. The NG series is intended for natural gas transfer.

Compressors Mouvex

Screw Compressors

Within the compressor body there are two screws with matching profiles: a female and a male screw. The female screw has concave inlets and the male screw has convex helical inlets. The screws rotate in opposite directions with the female screw receiving the driving power and transmitting this power to the male screw through a set of synchronization gears.

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Vane Compressors

Mouvex® Enterprise Series Vane Compressors are proven workhorses for the oil-free, high-pressure discharge of fluids that can cause problems for cargo pumps. Constructed from corrosion-resistant, hard-coated cast iron to withstand harsh environments and operating conditions, these compressors have been engineered to address containment concerns, purity standards and the evacuation of residual product.