Other equipment for fuel depots


Both fuel depots for classic and alternative fuels during loading or unloading process, moving or transfer use non return valves, safety valves/ pressure valves, overflow valves, with various technical specifications requested by specific use. (https://www.opwglobal.com/products/us/chemical-industrial-products)


At our customers request, WAPO Service is able to provide gas detectors with the appropriate sensors: pressure sensors, temperature sensors and temperature transmitters, flame detectors, fuel level visigauge /measurement systems and vibration sensors. Data collected from sensors offers important information about the good operation of the equipment and about the tightness of the piping network inside depots.


Flow-meters, measuring and control devices

We can provide at our customers request other customary equipment for classic fuel or alternative fuel depots, e.g. flow-meters and pressure measurement devices (pressure gauges), temperature (thermometers, thermo-resistant’s), etc.


For tank track or tank wagons loading and for fuel transfer/internal moving we offer a wide range of special houses for petrochemical industry, with various standard dimensions (https://elaflex.de/en/products-catalogue/section-1-petrol-chemical-hoses) which are equipped with different fittings, upon request (flanges, threads, fast connectors / adapters, etc.) – (https://elaflex.de/en/products-catalogue/section-2-hose-fittings).

In some LPG applications there is a necessity for corrugated metal hoses which are equipped with an interwoven metal layer for additional protection.  (http://www.amplo.ro/HTML/index.php?cat=produse&id=2)