Fuel dispensers

 Wayne Helix classic and alternative car fuel distributors

 No matter who you are, the new Wayne Helix line of fuel dispensers was designed for you. A single dispenser family, easy to configure, simply to use, without additional costs with state of art technology, and last generation security.

Intelligent design:

  • Iconic style permit global recognition
  • Clean look —  protect the equipment and maintain its appearance, the design features
  • Expanded branding — More real estate on the hydraulic cabinet doors, valances and additional signage areas enhances brand visibility to fueling customers.
  • Enhanced displays– High-contrast, ergonomically designed displays—including angled price displays above push-to-start buttons—provide better visibility day and night.

Safety and security

  • Smart secure access  keeps your dispenser safe by offering the highest level of security against unauthorized access to the dispenser electronic head. And with Wayne Smart Secure Access, battery backup is standard, which means it keeps protecting your business and your customers even when the power is out.
  • Industry-leading payment security — incorporates Wayne’s proven and upgradable iX Pay™ secure payment technology platform, which provides payment security compliance with the latest PCI PTS and EMV® global standards.
  • Personal safety — promotes user confidence regarding personal safety with its slim dispenser profile, its multiple viewpoints and high-visibility pass-through area.

Advanced Technology & High Quality

  • Modular design — By using shared global components and electronics, and the same core user interface, the Helix dispenser simplifies service and reduces installation times.
  • Durable materials — The dispenser consists of high-performance composites and corrosion-resistant alloys to help reduce common corrosion points and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Attention to detail — The dispenser’s high-quality appearance helps forecourt appeal with cleanly engineered lines.

Wayne Helix dispenser family is highly configurable, addressing the specific needs of users no matter their fueling demands:

  • At customers choice the dispenser could be provided with a classic meter (accuracy 0,5%) or one of high precision XFLO (accuracy 0,1%).
  • The Helix dispensers can be provided with Xpay card payment terminal globally certificated, tailored according the specific regulation for each country.
  • The Helix dispensers can be provided with multimedia Wayne iX media wich offers to the retailers complete control on promotions and loyalty  messages for each fuel station.

brochures: https://www.wayne.com/media/2186/helix-fuel-dispensers-na_en_2019-09-23v3-web.pdf

Dispensing Stations  Horn Tecalemit

Diesel or AdBlue dispensing stations for car fleets with an integrated management system integrated in the HORN Tecalemit dispensing station. (https://products.tecalemit.de/en/catalog/category/list/id/782310).

The various models offered are:

  • HDM Pro e (with / without MID certification) and HDM Pro (with / without MID certification) with flow variants 150 l / min, 150/50 l / min, 80 l / min, 50 l / min, electrically powered at 400V, 50 Hz.
  • HDM eco with flow rates 80 l / min, 60l / min at 230V, 50 Hz
  • HDM eco Box with flow variants 80 l / min, 60 l / min; at 230V or 12 V, 50 Hz

Fuel Skids - GPL Skids

WAPO Service manufactures turnkey LPG skids of 5000 liters, especially for gas station companies with national coverage.

The skids are equipped with Wayne Helix LPG distributor, automatic fuel inventory system (ATG) and gas detectors (https://www.deltainst.com/en/main).

Optionally, they can be equipped with a proximity reader and a warning and leak detection control panel and access ladder. The electrical panel of the skid is electrically connected to the general panel of the station at 400 V / 50 Hz.