Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points

The quick rising number of electric and hybrid plugin vehicles has brought a lot of development in the technology used in charging points and stations.

There are 2 important types of charging points:

  1. Charging points in Alternative Current (AC)
  2. Charging points in Direct Current (DC) – fast
A. Charging points in Alternative Current

What are they?

Intelligent charge points for charging the batteries of electric vehicles in a safely manner with high efficiency, extending the battery lifetime. These charging points can be installed and connected at normal electric outlets without harming the existing power grid or the environment and space that it operates in.


Ideal for: residential area parking, office buildings, commercial centers, hotels, hostels, restaurants.

Charging points can be installed:

  1. Individually
  2. In a network

1. Stand-alone charging points: public or private.

Technical Specifications:

  • Single or double simultaneous electric outlet.
  • Charging power between: 3,7 – 22 kW
  • Voltage: 230V – 400V
  • Amperage:10A – 32A, at customer choice
  • Operating temperature: -25ºC+70ºC
  • Charge Module: Module 3
  • Control access: RFID Card Mifare 13,56MHz or PIN access
  • Connectors: Type 2
  • Communications: GPRS, WiFi, Ethernet
  • Protection factor: IP54 / IK10

2. Network

Numerous EV chargers can be installed in parallel in order to provide concomitant electric charge to a variety of electric vehicles.

What we can offer:

Charging points for municipalities and owners’ level 2. (Business centers, commercial centers, storage, hotels)

We can provide a complete set of facilities for the owner in order to control each step of the EV charging process. Offer up to 22,2 kW per port (CA).

Charging points level 2 for fleets or many families

With speed, durability and flexible configuration options, these charging points exceed expectations.

B. Charging points fast/ultra-fast– DC

DC charging stations provide electric vehicles with a battery charge of 80% in only 30-40 minutes. DC charging points are highly recommended for: fuel stations, public parking, highway parking, commercial centers.(

Technical specifications:

  • Charging power: 50 KW
  • Voltage: 400V
  • Amperage:128A, at customer choice
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC+50ºC
  • Charging Module: Module 4 for DC charging and Module 3 for CA charging
  • Control access: Via RFID card or without user control
  • Connectors: CHAdeMO, CCS (COMBO 2) and optional Type 2 AC charging at 22 or 43 KW
  • Communications: Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS
  • Protection factor: IP54 / IK08
  • Locking system for connector
  • Indicators: Light Signal indicating status (available, charging, defective)

Another example of a fast charging point is:

Express 250

Express 250 is ideal for rapid charging. It is best used for short dwell time parking and motorway corridor locations where drivers need to quickly recharge. The Express 250 charging points can be used to complete charging points CT4000 at work, offering the staff a fast charge device. Offers up to 62.5 kW (DC fast)

An example of an ultra-fast charging point is:

Express Plus is an ultra-fast DC charging platform that provides fast and reliable charge to electric vehicles. With its modular architecture and the use of 4 power blocks capable of delivering up to 500 KW to a single vehicle this charging platform offers a unique and scalable charging experience.