Light Touch Brushes

PDQ – OPW-Dover offers a car wash model with a “Tandem Surfline” portal. The innovative design with polyurethane foam brushes that are sensitive to torque by monitoring the contour of the vehicle provides washing power with low force. – view more


The Laser Wash 360 Plus is equipped with Smart 360 Technology. It allows the car wash system to respond to the dynamic conditions during washing and to “think for itself”, thus increasing the effective use time and optimizing the washing process. view more

The Laser Wash AutoXpress -PDQ version now offers an automatic car wash which is accessible exclusively to the car dealership market incorporating the most advanced “touch-free” technology. LaserWash AutoXpress comes to bring you and your customers a quick, exceptional cleaning, unsurpassed by another “touch-free” laundry in the car dealer industry. – view more