Equipment sales

WAPO Service SRL sells equipment in the field of gas stations such as:

  • Distributors of conventional and alternative automotive fuels for commercial or domestic use;
  • Necessary SDC technological systems (tank manholes, road covers, unloading openings, ventilation blocks & RV; distributor support tanks, island protections; high density polyethylene pipes and fittings; automatic fuel measurement / inventory systems, tank leak detection systems, columns air / water);
  • Car wash equipment;
  • Fuel storage equipment;
  • Classic and alternative car fuel skids;
  • Chargers for plug-in electric and hybrid cars;

WAPO Service SRL provides solutions for:

  • gas station management and gas station networks (with POS systems, fuel management systems, gas station network management systems, card payments, equipment maintenance management; electric pump diagnosis, etc.);
  • removal of water and impurities from fuel tanks (Aquafightersystem Leighton O’Brien system);
  • Diesel engine operating cost reduction solutions