Tank manholes, discharge points, air vents and VR

Tank manholes fabricated from steel or composite materials are products currently supplied worldwide by our partner OPW, which offers a diverse range of dimensions for their products. ( Similarly, we also offer tank manholes produced by Franklin – UPP or Amelite UK (

  • The fiber glass or high-density polyethylene tank manholes produced by OPW are just as well-known and have a lifespan of decades.   read more.

  • We can also offer sealed fiber glass or polyethylene sealed manholes produced by Franklin UPP – read more.

Distributor Sumps, Island Protection

From the same catalog we can provide dispensers sumps  adapted to most global distributor manufacturers: Dover-Wayne, Tokheim and Gilbarco – read more.

The advantage of using

  • Strong and resistance
  • Liquid collecting channel
  • Tighten
  • Easy to install

High quality pipes and high-density polyethylene fittings

We are constantly working with current fuel station technologies with semi-rigid pipes and fittings provided by UPP Franklin Fueling which are assembled/fused through electrofusion available info on – read more

Other usefull info in UPP catalog   UPP  please see –

We can also use pipe and fittings made by    KPS – OPW  Please see – read more

Technological Equipment

We offer the most complete range of valves, fittings and other necessary equipment for the equipment of fuel stations; both in the version with underground tanks and in the version with above-ground tanks which is offered by OPW, which has been the world leader in the field for many years

– view catalog

We also offer OPW technological equipment for both classic car fuels and alternative car fuels (GPL,CNG, AdBlue, etc.)

Alternatively, we also offer our clients a similar catalogue of products offered by Ridart – view catalog

Access covers

We offer steel manhole covers produced by OPW as well as steel manhole covers offered by Fiberlite, which is a part of OPW. They assure the axle resistance pressure conforms with the international standards.

Amlite- UK offers a wide variety of highly resistant composite and steel manhole covers that come in a wide range of shapes,

Automatic tank gauging/ inventory systems

  1. Automatic Fuel Measurement Systems / Fuel Inventory (ATG)

Progauge – Dover Fueling Solutions is a provider of automated tank level / volume measurement solutions, including various magnetostrictive tank probes (wired or wireless), consoles, and appropriate software to measure / monitor fuel levels / volumes.


2.  OPW Petro Vend

The ability of ATG OPW systems with advanced centralization functions, precise inventory reconciliation and loss prevention bring top products and services to fuel traders and fleet managers. They provide an information system on fuels that is easy to understand and use for managers as well as details on compliance with environmental protection. 924 B probes can also measure fuel density.


We also offer the OPW 7100V AST flexible probe solution for an accurate level measurement in vertical cylindrical tanks in warehouses with heights between 3.7m and 21m, much more economical than the classic radar measurement. It is compatible with all Site Sentinel consoles.

 Leak detection systems

We frequently install equipment produced by Afriso or SGB Germany. We provide our customers with detectors that measure leaks in the interstice of the double walls of tanks based on:measuring the decrease in the level of interstitial fluid LAG 14 R

Air tire inflator – service island

PCL UK (Horn Group) is our main supplier of workshop and garage equipment that is currently mounted on the service island in petrol stations. It provides air columns for inflating tires that may have, on request, a windshield water hose. – read more