CNG/ LNG and LPG filling stations

Typical public LNG stations consist of the following components:

  • LNG storage tank with pressure build-up vaporizer
  • high pressure LNG pump, vaporizer and buffer for CNG
  • LNG transfer pump for LNG with Cryonorm’ “saturation on the fly” system
  • control system
  • LNG – and CNG dispensers with tank card payment/billing system

With this simple and modular design and installation, Wapo Service is able to fulfill any wishes our clients may have.

Some of the biggest advantages of using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG / LNG) are:

  • It decreases air pollutant emissions
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the installation
  • Reduces fuel cost
  • Reduces noise
  • Cleaner engines and lower maintenance costs

GPL Skids

WAPO Service manufactures turnkey LPG skids of 5000 liters, especially for gas station companies with national coverage. The skids are equipped with Wayne Helix LPG distributor, automatic fuel inventory system (ATG) and gas detectors ( Optionally, they can be equipped with a proximity reader and a warning and leak detection control panel and access ladder. The electrical panel of the skid is electrically connected to the general panel of the station at 400 V / 50 Hz.