Tank loading systems



Top Loading Arms

The single arm incorporates only 3 planes of rotation and is designed to be used for loading installations on top, where the vehicle is at a fixed distance from the unloading pipe.

  • DN 2 “, 3” and 4 “available
  • Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Optional flange construction, threaded joint or welded construction
  • Adaptable to tight filling or closed filling system (when equipped with additional rotating couplings and / or drain hose;
  • Applications for CF wagons or tanks
  • Smooth, easy operation

Bottom Loading Arm

Simple and efficient installation and operation. With counterweights mounted pairs on the horizontal rails are easy to move to where the balance point is. The construction offers easy handling and coupling to the tank adapters.

  • Robust and simple construction
  • 4 arms reach 114 “(2896mm)
  • Weight adjustment is smooth and easy
  • Multi-compartment loading capability saves time
  • Construction from: carbon steel / aluminum
  • Low temperature fluorocarbon gaskets
  • Stainless steel or Rackmaster composite hose

Custom Loading Arms

An example is the vapor recovery loading arms which are only custom manufactured.


Measuring skids

Measuring skids (delivery terminals) that control the delivery of oil, petrol and diesel as well as aviation fuels are the most important equipment in fuel depots.(http://www.vaecontrols.com/en/content/vae-controls)

They allow the automatic delivery of stocks of petroleum and petrochemical products by modular design of delivery points, in tanks and tank wagons. Both warehouses and terminals can be fully automatic and controlled without an operator only through a control room. The systems are capable of receiving and delivering petroleum and petrochemical products from / to product pipelines, tanks, or tank vessels.

Skid transfer

SKIDs are designed for quick and easy equipment assembly in harsh conditions of use. They consist of technologically individual connection devices so that they can be assembled directly in warehouses.

The electronic consoles (ETR) for self-service and verification in wholesale terminals consist of an industrial PC with touchscreen, dual card reader, printer, voice communication system and webcam.