Fleet Solutions

Fleet Solutions

In transportation is visible a rising requirement for permanent control of your fleet vehicles. It can be solved by the Fleet Management Systems (FMS). The advantages of using such a system are:
  • Operate 24 hours / 7 days,
  • Low operation costs, no necessary,
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Total transparency of information about max 2000 auto and 2000 drivers.
  • Lower costs with the fuel by tracking / limitation of fuel consumption per car/ driver / travel/ day/ week / month
  • Limitation of possibility for fuel purloining
  • Reports: Management single fuel station / network
  • Transactions/refueling per station/ per network, per shift / day/ month / year;
  • Fuel stock per station /per station network;
  • Fuel delivery notes/ collection notes;
  • Fuel station clients per driver (auto) / per company;
  • Could deliver invoices per station /per client /per network;
  • Vehicle millage / consumption;
  • Permits Wi-Fi or GPRS interface for data download.


Feet management solutions could work in 2 ways: MANUAL or AUTOMATIC
A. MANUAL: with vehicle identifier submission

The driver submits users identifier (TAG/Card/ Chip) to a reader positioned inside/near the fuel dispenser which has inscribed inside vehicle/driver recognition data. So the system permits the refueling if data are validated. When the lever of nozzle is free, the fuel refueling is considered completed. Refueling data are registered by the software and are available to be summarized in reports (shift, day, month, year).

The architecture is:

  • Fuel dispenser with identifier reader, with connection plug for PC/USB/ SD / internet.  It is used to refuel vehicles when is authorized by an identifier registered in the system.
  • Identifier for each vehicle and /or driver – a card/key with integrated chip /TAG/ PIN code.
It is used to allow dispenser to refuel for the owner, only if the person is registered in the system.
  • Controller system
It is used to register, process and validate data required by the customer. These data can be transmitted to a local PC local or server, or in cloud. Management software, installed on a PC/ tablet/ intelligent phone or accessed by these terminals from cloud for local or network fuel station management
 Vehicle identifier:TAG bound to the ignition key
B. AUTOMATIC with vehicle recognition/ identification
Vehicle recognition: the driver simply insert a dispenser nozzle in the neck 0f the vehicle tank. In the moment when the nozzle is ejected from the tank, the system automatically stops dispensing, no matter if the driver push the nozzle trigger or not. So there is a prevention of refueling outside the vehicle tank. In this case the architecture is:

AUTOMATIC solution is similarly with MANUAL solution with a single difference:

The Identifier is a vehicle recognition system / automatic identifier composed by a device installed on the vehicle tank and another installed on the dispenser nozzle. These devices permit automatic refueling, entering dispenser nozzle inside the neck of the vehicle tank.


Solution 1/ MANUAL

Dispenser with card / TAG reader inside. Users data basis and restricions can be set and  read at the dispenser display.

Identifier –  a TAG or CARD

Controller – with fleet software included in the dispenser computer

Solution 2/ MANUAL

Dispenser with card / TAG reader. Users data bass and restrictions can be set and read both at the dispenser display and at a local PC wire or wireless connected.

Identifier:   Driver TAG / CARD / KEY for vehicle refueling.


  1. Included in dispenser computer – Horn Tecalemit
  2. Wayne Fusion

Software – LOCAL/SITE management system

Solution 3/ MANUAL

Dispenser with card / TAG reader; users data base and the restrictions can be set and read both at the dispenser display and at a local PC wire or wireless connected, or at a local or remote server.

Identifier:  Driver TAG / CARD / KEY or vehicle refueling


  1. Included in the dispenser computer Horn Tecalemit
  2. Wayne Fusion

Software: LOCAL/ SITE management system connected to the NETWORK management system.

Solution 1/ AUTOMATIC

Fusion controller installed inside the fuel station with Wayne advanced fleet system,  enable automatic transport or industrial fleet recognition with Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI).

Description: Automatic recognition/identification system

  • Automatic recognition Passive/Active TAG are mounted on dispenser nozzle and on the vehicle tank neck.

Solution 2/ AUTOMATIC with anti-theft system

Controller FuelOmat installed together with receipt printer near dispenser, on the island

Description: Automatic recognition/identification system

  • RFID antennas for automatic recognition mounted on the dispenser nozzle and on the vehicle tank neck
  • ANTI – THEFT systems (filters) against manual extraction of fuel from the vehicle tank.