Small AD BLUE stations


WAPO Service offers mobile, compact stations consisting of an above ground  tank ( ) and an Ad Blue dispenser Wayne Helix  (see Product/Fuel station equipment/ Fuel dispensers/ Wayne Helix classic and alternative fuel    dispensers) and the pipelines and valves related.

Tecalemit offers area container tanks of 38.000 liters, that can be calibrated, with pumps delivering 30 l/min,  (: The tank is provided with kits for ad blue stations both with a single display (for volume) in the case of internal commercial fuel stations and with 3 displays for retail. (

 AdBlue® dispensing equipment BlueMobil 200 eco

 This pneumatically operated AdBlue® dispensing device is the simple and cost-effective solution for the mobile refueling of cars and vans in workshops.

 HORNET W 85 H INOX drum pump

Self-priming hybrid pump for AdBlue®, suitable for 200-liter plastic drums.

The HORNET W 85 H INOX is intended for use in industries, factories, gas stations and similar facilities.

Dispensing Station HDM eco AdBlue®

The HDM eco AdBlue® is an “All-In-One solution” is packed with features that meet the needs of the most demanding customers and provides the operator with easy to read refueling data. Simply hook up your supply line and power, decide on the number of users and you are ready to go.

The HDM eco AdBlue® is a rugged, easy to install and easy to use unit that offers features and benefits you would expect to find on much more expensive systems.

The high performance AdBlue® dispenser with integrated management capability, is specially developed for fleets and non-public filling stations.

The user-friendly HDM eco AdBlue® can be used by up to 2,000 different drivers and vehicles and its advanced technology uses a USB interface which enables the quick and easy transfer of data