Dual diesel and CNG / LNG digital power supply installation


SOLUTIONS CNG / LNG installations

IDiesel engine conversion installations for dual fuel supply; Diesel and CNG / LNG      



What is a Diesel Engine Dual Power Supply?

A solution through which an engine works in DUAL mode

  • Either only with diesel
  • Either with a mixture of diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).
  • Description

A set of parts is installed consisting of CNG / LNG tank, pipes, solenoid valves, mixer, digital controllers, before the engine. set that aims to allow the engine to operate with a mixture of diesel and natural gas. The system thus transformed is one with negative pressure, using the control of the conventional diesel engine to reduce diesel consumption. When ignition is performed, a higher value of the natural gas energy in combination with the air is recognized at the compression point of the engine. The remaining diesel provides better engine lubrication and helps maintain the power and torque of the diesel engine

The set of parts sold by WAPO SERVICE ,, does not change any original component of the diesel engine. The most important part of this set of parts is the „read-only” engine control MODULE (ECM) which monitors and ensures that the system parameters are always according to the specifications (oil pressure, cooling temperature, exhaust gas temperature, collected air pressure , diesel pressure, etc.). The ECM does not allow the absorption of natural gas unless the engine operating parameters are in the standard operating range. This means that the engine starts and runs only on diesel.

The system introduces natural gas into the intake manifold where it mixes with air. It not only reduces the loading temperature, but also reduces the turbulence, as much as would be normal only for air intake. As a result, the amount of well-mixed natural gas / air is no more turbulent than air alone. The mixture of air and CNG aspirated in the cylinder improves the combustion process of diesel, the result being less solid particles in the exhaust gases, lower CO2 emissions.

The process of switching from Diesel Fuel to Dual Fuel Fuel takes place automatically. At the same time there is a switch in the driver’s cab that can make the transfer manually. There is also a display with information about the operating status of the system.

In the absence of gas in the tank, the system shuts down, the engine runs only on diesel.


Advantages of use


  • Noxious emission is reduced.
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • It is in line with EU and EPA (US) criteria and guidelines including the new EPA regulations: Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion;

Operating costs

  • The maintenance costs of the engine are reduced, by increasing the period between overhauls, the change of oil and filters is done at distances traveled up to 30% higher
  • Calculations and practical experience show that you can save 50% -60% of diesel, but consume natural gas which is cheaper
  • Fuel costs (diesel and CNG / LNG) decreased by 10% -15% annually


  • Increases engine durability,
  • Reduces engine wear on combustion chamber components, such as pistons, gaskets, valves or injectors
  • Engine power and torque are maintained; ;
  • There are no overheated engine parts;
  • Does not require special maintenance;
  • A dual power supply system can also be fitted to a reconditioned car;
  • The dual fuel system can be easily transferred to another vehicle;